photo of jani moore

Artist, Jani Moore

As I paint images of
nature, travel, and mysterious places, I imagine taking you on a
journey deep within your own dream. Whether I am painting landscapes,
street scenes, animals, rusty cast-offs, people or flowers I seek to
express the lush sensuous beauty that lies beneath the surface.
Beginning with a real-time photograph, I break apart the layers of
realism to find its organic essence, thereby rendering an expressive
interpretation of the deepest truth.

I consider my work
Impressionistic Realism; fusing culture, relationship and nature to
capture the essence of the story behind the painting.  Exploring the
intimate and magical connection between ourselves and nature, I am
drawn to light, vibrant color, rich shadow, deep texture and unusual form.
Sometimes I dream of stepping into my painting and as I paint I see life through a new lens where new
possibilities abound and life becomes more vibrant.

My paintings are more than a beautiful picture on the wall. They restore the innocent wonder of life and
emanate light, beauty and hope.